Elections in Kaufman County
                                                              are handled by 
                                                 the Tax Assessor Collector's Office  

Tonya Ratcliff, Early Voting Clerk
Kaufman County Courthouse Annex
100 N. Washington, Kaufman, TX 75142
P.O. Box 339, Kaufman, TX 75142


Next Election:


November 3, 2015 General Election

Last Day to Register to vote is October 5, 2015 

Voter ID is in effect for this election see : http://www.votetexas.gov/ 



1. Kaufman County Courthouse Annex  (Main)
   100 N. Washington Street 
   Kaufman, Texas 75142  

2. Forney Sub Courthouse 
    200 E. Main St.
    Forney, Texas 75126
3. Terrell Sub Courthouse 
    408 E. College St. 
    Terrell, Texas 75160 
 4. Kemp Sub Courthouse 
     103 N. Main St. 
     Kemp, Texas 75143 
Early Voting Hours
October  19-23 Monday - Friday  8 am - 5 pm  
October 26-28Monday - Wednesday8 am - 5 pm
October 29 -30Thursday - Friday 7 am - 7 pm

 Polling Locations for November 3, 2015 

 Pct 1   

 Pct 1     First Baptist Church
 302 S. Washington Kaufman 
  Pct 4   Talty Baptist Church 5210 N. FM 148 Crandall
  Pct 21  Abner Baptist Church 6877 FM 2727 Kaufman
 Pct 2
 Pct 3

  First Baptist Church

 1003 College St.
 (F.M. 741)
  Pct 25    Forney Sub Courthouse 200 E. Main Forney
  Pct 27 Church of Christ
 East Side
 627 S. FM 548 Forney
 Pct 3
 Pct 5 Terrell Service Center 400 Industrial Blvd Terrell
  Pct 6  Able Springs VFD Station 30108 FM 429 Terrell
  Pct 19 First Assembly of God
 203 Main Terrell
 Pct 4
 Pct 10 Scurry ISD Admin Bldg.10705 S. St Hwy 34   Scurry
  Pct 16  Mabank City Hall 129 E. Market Mabank
  Pct 18 Crandall/Combine
Community Center 
  500 W. LewisCrandall 

Voting by Mail: Mail-in ballots should be sent to the address below.
 Tonya Ratcliff
 Early Voting Clerk
 Kaufman County Courthouse Annex
 P.O. Box 339
 Kaufman, Texas 75142  


For candidate information go to: http://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/candidates/guide/index.shtml

 For more information on filing required Campaign Finance Reports go to: http://www.ethics.state.tx.us/



1. Persons under 18 years of age.
2. Persons who are mentally incompetent as determined by a final judgment in court.
3. Persons while incarcerated, on parole, mandatory supervision, or probation as a result of a felony conviction.
4. Persons who have been convicted of a felony and have not completed their sentence. 


1. You must be a citizen of the United States.
2. You must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the election.
3. You must be a resident of the county.
4. You must be registered to vote.

1. Complete a post-card application for voter registration and mail it, postage-free, or present it in person to the County Voter Registrar, Tax Assessor-Collector, or a Deputy Voter Registrar in your county.
Voter registration forms are available at the Republican Headquarters, the County Clerk's office or from the Voter Registrar.
2. You may register to vote at any time, but your application must be received by the registrar of voters 30 days before an election in order to vote in that election.
3. You may register to vote if you are at least 17 years and 10 months of age, but you may not vote until you are 18 years of age.
4. You may register to vote at the Texas Department of Public Safety when renewing your drivers license.

HOW TO VOTE BY MAIL: · Send a request for a ballot to the Early Voting Clerk by mail, common carrier, contract carrier, or by fax if the voter is absent from the county. The application must be in writing and signed by the applicant. It must have the name of the applicant, the address at which the applicant is registered to vote, the address to which the ballot is to be mailed, for which election application is being made, and the reason for early voting by mail (out of town during voting period, over 65, disabled, or sick).      


There are  thirty (30) voting precincts. Below are the new polling locations.


New County Wide Voting Locations       
Some locations may change before March 1, 2016 Primary                                  

Pct. 1 First Baptist Church/Kaufman 302 S. WashingtonKaufman         
Pct. 2 Ola Church of Christ 9720 St. Hwy 243Kaufman
Pct. 3 First Baptist Church/Forney 1003 College St. (F.M. 741)Forney
Pct. 4 Taltly Baptist Church 5210 N. FM 148Crandall
Pct. 5 Terrell Service Center  400 Industrial BlvdTerrell
Pct. 6 Able Springs Fire Station 30108 FM 429Terrell
Pct. 7  North Forney High School 6170 N. Mason Blvd.Forney
Pct. 8 Emmanuel Baptist Church 1717 N. FrancisTerrell
Pct. 9 Elmo Fire Station12777 FM 2728Terrell
Pct. 10 Scurry ISD Admin Bldg10705 S. St Hwy 34Scurry
Pct. 11 Criswell Elementary School 401 N. FM 740Forney
Pct. 12 Memorial Baptist Church 10374 FM 3094Scurry
Pct. 13 Crosby Elementary School 495 Diamond Creek Dr.Forney
Pct. 14 Lewis Elementary 1309  Luckenbach Dr.Forney
Pct. 15 First Baptist Church Kemp 1320 S. ElmKemp
Pct. 16 Mabank City Hall 129 E. MarketMabank
Pct. 17 Pointview Baptist Church 110 FM 3039Combine
Pct. 18 Crandall/Combine Community  Ctr 500 W. LewisCrandall
Pct. 19 First Assembly of God Church 203 MainTerrell
Pct. 20 Terrell Bingo 14701 Hwy 205Terrell
Pct. 21 Abner Baptist Church 6877 FM 2727Kaufman
Pct. 22 Post Oak Bend Community Ctr 1175 CR 278Kaufman
Pct. 23 Oak Ridge City Hall 8450 N. St. Hwy 34Terrell
Pct. 24 Rose Hill SUD 1377 CR 274Kaufman
Pct. 25 Forney Sub Courthouse 200 E. MainForney
Pct. 26 Bethlehem Baptist Church 500 S. FrancisTerrell
Pct. 27 Church of Christ East Side 627 S. FM 548 Forney
Pct. 28 Kaufman County Library 3790 S. HoustonKaufman
Pct. 29 Heartland Community Center 6622 FM 741 Forney
Pct. 30 Warsaw Community Center 6430 FM 148 Kaufman


Go to www.sos.tx.state.us/ For more information on voting or information regarding voting for those in the military and overseas voting